Please note that any troop who plans to participate in wreath sales or ANY money earning opportunity beyond the Snacks + Magazines and  Cookies will need to complete this form: forms-troop-money-earning-approval (4)

GScookies2018 Cookie Kick-off and Important Dates

February 4 – COOKIE GO DAY!
Pancake Breakfast 8am-10am Famous Daves Bloomington

2017-18 Cookie Training (for Cookie Managers)

Cookie training is scheduled for December 10.  Any questions can be emailed directly to Tracy at If you are a cookie manager for your troop, you must be registered. Visit for registration information.

Question & Answer follow-up from training meeting.

#1 – Troop Cookie Managers should check the archived reports to find last year’s sales history (go to the Reports tab, then Archived). If the information isn’t there, let us know!
#2 – Cookie Rookie kits including 1st year patches are only sent to brand new troops. Any returning troops that have added new girls (new cookie sellers!) this year can purchase “My First Cookie Sale” patches from one of our Girl Scout shops. 

#3 – Troops do need to complete an online ACH authorization form in addition to entering their bank account information in Smart Cookies. (If they did it already for the 2017 Snacks & Magazines sale, they don’t need to again.) Here’s a link to the form:

Cookie ACH Information

Is your troop is interested in participating in the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Program with Girl Scout Council? This program allows the Girl Scout Council to remove the alloted funds from your troop account two times during the cookie selling season. This is a great way to alleviate some of the hassle of depositing funds into the Girl Scout Council account, not knowing how much money to put in and/or depositing too much money. It is easy! Just email the following information to: 1. Your Troop Number 2. Name of the Troop Cookie Manager or Troop Leader if there isn’t a Troop Cookie Manager 3. Email of Troop Cookie Manager or Troop Leader 4. The name of the Service Unit: Bloomington 9 Mile Service Unit


ACH Frequently Asked Questions


Wreath Sales

Wreath sales run every fall.Check back next fall for details.


Fall Fundraiser

Fall product is a council sponsored fundraising event. It runs October and includes magazines, nuts & candy (earning $1 per item and magazines are $2.50 per).  There will also be some custom photo items ($2.50 earning per item).  Fall product sales run Oct 1st – Oct 24th.

We need a fall product manager volunteer. More information coming.

More information available on the River Valleys website.

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